The Architect – Trailer

Updated onJanuary 11, 2022inVideos

After a storm destroys a middle aged couple’s new home they hire the architect that designed a unique home In their area. The project proves however, to be not only costly in monetary terms but emotionally as well. When a couple sets out to build their dream house, they enlist the services of a visionary modernist architect, whose soaring ideas are matched by only his ego. The woman is swept away by the uncompromising creative artist whose personality provides a stark contrast to her practical husband’s. She is so taken she hardly notices the Architect is building HIS dream house.

  • Director: Jonathan Parker
  • Writers: Catherine DiNapoli (screenplay), Jonathan Parker (screenplay)
  • Stars: Parker Posey, James Frain, Eric McCormack

作者既不是CAD专家,也不是网络天才。又一个花太多时间上网的人。The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.

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