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Updated onJanuary 11, 2022inArchitects and Fashion

I received an email with the subject ‘architect’s dress code‏’ from Martin Nagy. He found photos on google and he compiled them on list so now it is easy to see that the most favorite color for architects to wear is Black :). Apart from their dress code, the other similarities among the male architects are either bald or balding. Reminds me of my previous post on Architect’s Outfit. Coincident? Even the guys from the Toy Factory has this impression that architect’s favorite colour is black. Thanks Martin!

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  1. Thanks for posting this :) well of course there are lot of other architects even from past that wear black, but it will be veeery long to post them all. Anyway u can do the same as me Google it out and post it here so we can see who else is joining this club.

  2. The “basic black” uniform of many architects is also the outfit de rigeur of other design professionals: fashion designers, photographers, artists, etc. I would have to assume that this is four fold:
    1) Our closets hold infinite combinations of clothes – everything matches!
    2) We cannot be mistaken for engineers and those who dwell in the right brain world.
    3) Black is slimming, so we always look thinner than we are.
    4) It is a hold over from a more refined period where “office casual” was not in the clothing cannon.

  3. @selophane

    Yeah, probably it is the weather as well. Cold, windy, snowing… I’ve never come across architects in Malaysia (hot and humid) wearing black all the time.

  4. Calvin Ngan – black is definitely the colour of choice for Australian architects too, so I’m not convinced that weather has much to do with it. :)

  5. …and from now on I also wear black:
    “Erick van Egeraat Associates has plunged into insolvency after the sudden cancellation of projects sparked a cashflow crisis at the firm”
    I regret!

  6. Architects do ador black indeed! As every one can see, architectural projects as all creative kind of work stand out when they are set on a black background. They look beautiful, attractive, full of life despite their simple lack of perfection. Let say, architects like black for them to hide their mistakes and lacks within the “black darkness”

  7. Architects don’t know how to dress themselves, so they naturally gravitate towards the black (which is worn mostly by highly intelligent people)

  8. 我有两个衣柜,夏天和冬天,冬天是Polo衫和李维斯,夏天是阿罗哈衬衫和李维斯,虽然短裤和人字拖也可以选择。如果是一个特别正式的场合,我有一个不错的选择瓜亚贝拉衬衫……生命太短暂,我也太老了,不能穿得像一个愚蠢的殡仪师一样到处跑,尤其是在外面98度的时候。不用说,我在AIA会议上真的很突出。:o ;-)

  9. 在中世纪的欧洲,木匠或石匠(不是现在的石匠)通常是建筑工地的领导和施工的主人。在古希腊语ἀρχιτ κτων (architékton)中,你可以找到“顶级工匠或建造者”这几个字。现代建筑师的教育已经失去了它的历史基础,成为一个更好的绘图员和专业律师。中世纪工匠的黑色服装以现代服装的方式保存下来。不戴帽子取决于一个简单的规则。要想戴上帽子,你必须完成手艺人的教育,成为一个自由人。只要你不自由,你就不允许戴帽子。简单。这个古老的传统在欧洲中部仍然存在。Just a few guys every year decide to become a top craftman and maybe after that an architect or civil engineer on a university, after visiting the most places of the world on foot.
    For more information about this tradition, read these articles. ;-)


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