Dear Architects, I am sick of your shit.

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PartIV has this really really interesting post – “Dear Architects, I am sick of your shit!”. Basically it is an open letter by Annie Choi, a really long letter, honestly there is some truth to it – especially on the sleeping part. Without further ado, here is the letter:


This friend introduced me to other friends, who were also studying architecture. Then these friends had other friends who were architects – real architects doing real architecture like designing luxury condos that look a lot like glass dildos. And these real architects knew other real architects and now the only people I know are architects. And they all design glass dildos that I will never work or live in and serve only to obstruct my view of New Jersey.

Do not get me wrong, architects. I like you as a person. I think you are nice, smell good most of the time, and I like your glasses. You have crazy hair, and if you are lucky, most of it is on your head. But I do not care about architecture. It is true. This is what I do care about:

  • burritos
  • hedgehogs
  • coffee


Perhaps if you didn’t talk about it so much, I would be more interested. When you point to a glass cylinder and say proudly, hey my office designed that, I giggle and say it looks like a bong. You turn your head in disgust and shame. You think, obviously she does not understand. What does she know? She is just a writer. She is no architect. She respects vowels, not glass cocks. And then you say now I am designing a lifestyle center, and I ask what is that, and you say it is a place that offers goods and services and retail opportunities and I say you mean like a mall and you say no. It is a lifestyle center. I say it sounds like a mall. I am from the Valley, bitch. I know malls.


Architects love to discuss how much sleep they have gotten. One will say how he was at the studio until five in the morning, only to return again two hours later. Then another will say, oh that is nothing. I haven’t slept in a week. And then another will say, guess what, I have never slept ever. My dear architects, the measure of how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve accomplished is not related to the number of hours you have not slept. Have you heard of Rem Koolhaas? He is a famous architect. I know this because you tell me he is a famous architect. I hear that Rem Koolhaas is always sleeping. He is, I presume, sleeping right now. And I hear he gets shit done. And I also hear that in a stunning move, he is making a building that looks not like a glass cock, but like a concrete vagina. When you sleep more, you get vagina. You can all take a lesson from Rem Koolhaas.

Life is hard for me, please understand. Architects are an important part of my existence. They call me at eleven at night and say they just got off work, am I hungry? Listen, it is practically midnight. I ate hours ago. So long ago that, in fact, I am hungry again. So yes, I will go. Then I will go and there will be other architects talking about AutoCAD shortcuts and something about electric panels and can you believe that is all I did today, what a drag. I look around the table at the poor, tired, and hungry, and think to myself, I have but only one bullet left in the gun. Who will I choose?

I have a friend who is a doctor. He gives me drugs. I enjoy them. I have a friend who is a lawyer. He helped me sue my landlord. My architect friends have given me nothing. No drugs, no medical advice, and they don’t know how to spell subpoena. One architect friend figured out that my apartment was one hundred and eighty seven square feet. That was nice. Thanks for that.

I suppose one could ask what someone like me brings to architects like yourselves. I bring cheer. I yell at architects when they start talking about architecture. I force them to discuss far more interesting topics, like turkey eggs. Why do we eat chicken eggs, but not turkey eggs? They are bigger. And people really like turkey. See? I am not afraid to ask the tough questions.


Yours truly,
Annie Choi

作者既不是CAD专家,也不是网络天才。又一个花太多时间上网的人。The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.


  1. Annie,

    Have your friend “the doctor” prescribe you a heavy dose of valium…you are way to neurotic.

    • 建筑师们,我不撒谎,你们把我弄糊涂了。你每周工作六八十小时,却始终贫穷。你为什么不请我喝一杯?


      • 我很喜欢这篇文章,但我要说的是,如果雷姆·库哈斯能睡得很好,把事情做完,那只是因为他有一整个办公室的人不睡觉,把事情做完!

    • Lol, someone who can’t take a joke calling someone clearly joking neurotic. So quickly, apparently, that they cannot even spell “too”.

  2. 我很有趣,我是说这封信,根据Annie自己在PartIV博客上的说法,她收到了很多仇恨的邮件…可怜的Annie。

  3. 我能说什么呢?我认识的几乎所有成功的建筑师都有富裕的家庭或配偶支持他们的实践。我的两个前任老板的妻子都是富有的开发人员。我工作的三家公司都是由洛克菲勒王朝的有钱人创办的。大多数工作时间最长但工资很低的建筑师都有信托基金,因此他们不关心工资或加薪,为精英公司工作,这让印尼的奴隶劳工看起来很轻。这就是精英主义的终极形式。


    The amazing thing is, every architect I know thinks they are better, smarter, more environmentally, socially responsible than everyone else.

    Social transformation, leading the stupid masses into a better environment, all these are preached by every architect as their noble self-sacrificial goals, what a joke.

    • Don’t just stop their, everybody I meet think they are better than everyone or have the answer or knows how to solve the governments problems or are a better coach for their favourite sports team. Not just architects.

  4. i think architects simply overdo it,
    所有真正伟大的建筑师(没有活着的)都没有休息的意思,他们只是继续工作。事实上,建筑师比其他人更聪明,更有社会责任感。事实上,在你成为一名建筑师之前,你了解生活。然而,这不是通过学校的培训获得的。原作者说得有道理。的确,建筑师是讨厌的逃避现实的喋喋不休者。好吧,他们不睡觉,但他们有什么表现呢?工程师做所有的工作,过着相当正常的生活。这只能说明,我们所知道的专业建筑正处于死亡的边缘,而这个专业应该在这个世纪发展成为他真正应该成为的样子。如果建筑师们在这方面多费心,他们就没有那么多时间睡觉了。 does any of you feel the need for more hours in the day? one hardly gets any sleep these days. this architecture business….

  5. i am an architect and run my own firm,i woke up 11:30 noon, came to ma office at 12:40.. im working now on a project.and am coming up with great ideas, love ma work..clients are satisfied… will leave office at 5 pm. will hit the sack at 12 pm!!…. got ma poiint!!.?

  6. 顺便说一下,我觉得雷姆·库哈斯开着一辆明亮闪亮的宾利或者类似的东西....
    now….i have to go. i need my beauty sleep.

    young architect.

  7. Man I HATE You stupida insipid ARCHITECTS. I have workin Engineering for 20 years now and it is SO apparent that you guys / gals cannot use AUtocad to save your LIFE!

    Learn What NORTH is. Learn that Not all lines are 90 degrees. (Like Streets) they look 90 but they are NOT. Offsets from these lines affect the project. When an Engineer gives you a Base Drawing.. DOn’t Scale it. Don’t ROtate it. ANd PLEASE PLEASE Learn how to use more than 1 layer. Not all lines go on the SITE layer.

    I wish Architectural schools would teach some of these basic principles and learn how to get along with Other Disciplines.

    Out !

    • I have no idea which architect you’ve worked with. They must be draughtsmen. You’ve worked for 20 years and can’t find an architect that knows AutoCAD. That’s nearly impossible to believe.

    • 你也可以创建自己的“Autocard”建筑学院,这样我们就可以以一种时尚的方式学习如何分层绘制。你似乎和大多数制图师一起工作过,这就是为什么你剪掉了毫无头绪的观点,先生!对你的经历感到抱歉,但有赝品的事实证明有些地方有真品。所以,我的工程师变成了汽车卡教练,停止仇恨,传播爱!!

  8. Hmmmm. Do any of you really know an actual architect? I assume goober squidly does (some of his points are more or less correct – regarding SOME architects). Some of them really are a horse’s ass. No lie. However, Engineers are …not perfect. Lazy? not wanting to take ownwership? Let the the “stupid insipid architect” bring the “big picture together” and sweat the details – I’m too good to worry about all that “unskilled” coordination work that the dumb-ass architect has to do. The architect is where all the consultant “input” comes together and is coordinated. This is the sad part – instead of making any really creative contributions to human “built environment” architects are relegated to keeping all the crap together that leads up to a successful design-bid-build process. (Or more and more – design-build – which is far worse – no time for any “design” – you’ll eat up any bottom line you MIGHT have had). If you want to make a difference – become a city planner, (after working in architecture a few years to find out how bad it is).

    • Only an architect knows how much people need architects. I see houses being built without a proper floor plan and I feel sorry for the family that is going to live in it.

  9. …at some points annie choi is right about us, but much of the time, she overreacted…

    saifullah….LUV YA!

    goober squidly…get a F#%^)^#@! life..

  10. Goober Squidly is right, but he doesn’t expand on it enough. Their ACAD skills are worse than those of a boiled turnip.

    Answer: Bid and build according to plans and specs!

    And how is it we have to send in RFIs and allow two weeks for a response, if we EVER get one, but we have to respond to requests from them in 7 nano-seconds?

    为什么他们要玩“沃尔多在哪里?”"有指纹的信息和细节吗?不能把所有的信息放在dwg pkg里吗?然后告诉你,这是你的错,你不知道这样那样,但你从来没有得到答复的射频,因为你发送的日期太接近截止日期。

    Not to mention that they never have details that actually look like how it is really built. They hang stuff in the air w/o support (sky hooks?) They spec stuff via some boiler plate crap that was written in 1947 or before and want you to stick to it even if it doesn’t work…Sorry, I’m getting crazed.

    Architects and their shoddy work cost their clients money. They should be avoided like a rash.

  11. Hey Goober and Ronco! Of course Architects cannot use CAD. They spent all their time learning theory and how to draw off the board. I am the one that they hire for the Cad work. You see, I am, What is known as a “Specialist”. If your drawings are not at a 1 to 1 scale in model space, guess what I do! I scale it to 1 to 1. North is always north, even if it points slightly to the left. And, what is up with the 256 pen assignments that engineers use? Can you not find comfort in the basic 9 so called “Logical Colors” and maybe a couple of extra gray scales and a nice shade of red to use when I want to visibly cloud your error for revision? Also, why do you have to draw two thirds of your stuff at fifty seven feet eleven and seventeen one
    millionths of an inch above the z coordinate? All that dose is make me cuss. We all know that cussing is just not lady like. Oh, and one more thing. Learn to spell! “Engineer” is not spelled “Injuneeear”.

  12. 古柏鱿鱼有一些严重的问题。我在雅虎问答上看到了你一模一样的回复。为什么会有这么多仇恨?

    I feel that every profession feels superior to another. And architects aren’t all elitists.
    Half my studio is on financial aid and scholarships plus working part time. Don’t make such vast generalizations.

  13. 我很抱歉,但我认为每个人都迷失了建筑师真正做的事情。“Architect”的字面意思是“建筑大师”。在我的家乡,我们学习结构、建筑、测量、照明、管道、历史、理论和设计。我想我们大多数人谈论我们睡了多少觉是因为我们珍惜我们得到的休息,而不是炫耀我们谁是最后一个站着的人。我们需要一点尊重来兼顾所有的事情。我觉得这篇文章有些部分很幽默,但有些部分太过了。我真的很喜欢我们做的事情,这可能很难相信,但是的,我们实际上浪费了我们的时间去做我们的工作,社会转型,可持续发展,以及所有其他所谓的“垃圾”的想法。我们试一试。谈论欧洲的作品和已故的伟大建筑师,这就像我们的《今夜娱乐》或《美国偶像》一样。我们都一样。

    My feelings. :> Peace.

  14. 嗯对啊……一个真正的建筑师经历了一堆垃圾的生活,以成为他真正的..........最后,它可能不是那么好......但是,是的,建筑师确实是大师,它是超越世界上任何其他职业...........我的意思是,想想如果没有建筑,你会在哪里,它是所有艺术中的艺术,它是你坐下、吃饭和睡觉的地方。下次记得,这不仅仅是在长时间的毫无意义的工作后不睡觉......................

  15. engineers know everything about 1 thing. architects know something about everything.
    dear engineers, yes you are “masters” of auto cad and yes, you may know more about some technical aspects. but you couldn’t design something reasonably nice to look at even with all your brains. yes we spend a lot of our time complaining about not getting any sleep and all that kind of jazz but maybe thats because having a design ability is not something you can teach. it is not something you can learn. it is not something you can do by learning a computer program well.

  16. 哈哈,我还以为你们是大学生呢,或者至少即将步入大学生活。
    Show some respect guys. Architects and engineers have their roles, and they both have their good aspects and bad. As much as honesty is an important aspect of life, hopefully you guys don’t act like this in your work office.

    • Word, bandanana, word.


      BTW, I guarantee you Rem Koolhaus, as hard working as he is, works his ass off and didn’t get much sleep during studies, or even now when hes in the middle of some large fantastic design. Show some respect people, going about and carrying on like this is exactly the reason why we players end up playing divide and conquer and the blame game, and not working together properly and banging out sick ass projects.

  17. I’m an architecture student and yes, we do cherish the time we spent for sleeping. Yes again, we do brag about not sleeping for days to our fellow architecture students but I must say that we don’t think that we are “Superior”. Maybe you heard people say architects are superior people because they imagined of beautiful and huge buildings and engineers(Yes, they’re a big help…NOT) helped them make it come true. Just a thought, Fine Arts students also spent sleepless nights. Architects are not the only ones who brag about their nights spent doing projects, almost other professions, one reason or another, causes them to stay awake for days.

  18. Oh this is all soooo funny!! I’ve just spent 6 years studying architecture and tomorrow I get my degree and like HELL am I actually going to become an architect!!!!! I’m so fed up with the rubbish my architect friends and teachers come out with! Like “there is no such thing as ‘beauty’ because architecture is more ‘meaningful’ than ‘beauty'”… oh come on!!! We all know that if a building is functional and looks good everyone will love it. There’s no need to design a building that “interprets the trees on the other side of the road” or that “follows the flow of the neardy river”. Just accept that what you do is an extended and slightly more complicated version of what an interior designer, or fashion designer or any kind of designer, even a craftman does…! Yet most of them don’t brag about knowing the ‘fundamental truths of life and the world’!
    So yeah, can’t stand the architects anymore and can’t wait to start working with normal down to earth people again! Just one more day of fake-phylosophical hell!

    • wait so you studied it and u don’t like the people or the profession, so now are u going to pursue a career in architecture or what?

  19. Ok, kiddies.. I’ve been doing this for 18 years now. I want to know why all of the “interior designers” are put on construction documentation… and all of the “Architects” pick fabrics and finishes. I’ve done more God Da*n parking lots than I want to tell you… I’m currently working on architectural room joists for Cargo Container Architecture… HEY… WHERE’S MY F”ING FINISH BOARDS??? They didn’t teach me parking lots in Interior Design School… they taught me the History of Tassles.. which I majored in… so what’s with the F*ing PARKING LOTS???, STRUCTURAL CROSS BEAMS, VEHICULAR ASPHAULT, AND ALL OF THAT NONSENSE I’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH..

    I’m really SICK of being used as a cheap architect… didn’t have the training… and don’t want IT.

    And I want to eat out someones throat right now!!!

  20. hey, i’m from indonesia and yes i agree with that “elitism”. i just quit, but when i was in second year i was briefed by this middle man contractor about how we can “cheat” our way in using cheap materials and designs to maximize profits. i didnt know until quite sometime, he really did seriously offered me a job to design the interior of some rooms in a hotel and he didnt even cared that i was a student! of course i couldnt take it, i wasnt ready and i suspect the money was corrupted.

    my lectures always blame the education system and how it dictates us so we’re afraid to explore our creativity but they are also a bunch of materialistic extravagant hypocrites who likes to dictate us with their OWN standards…so in every presentation we have or every exams that requires our creativity they get super subjective.

    i always have this question in mind, if we are still living in houses of our perspective of a “civilized” modern are we more evolved than bees in their hexagon’s nest? they have interior designs and specific functions too, as humans we should have more to offer. we can easily adapted to a space and a condition but it’s not particularly ideal,yet we allow the elite to control what or how we should live.

  21. I love this article. I am SO SICK of hearing people brag, yes brag, about how little they have slept. It actually makes me sick. Architecture students love to spend HOURS talking about how little they’ve slept and I can’t help but think its pathetic. It’s like some sad badge of honour and I’m so over hearing about it.

  22. Imagine not sleeping for two days, working on a project with your friends. Imagine the state of your mind after litres of coffee and energy drinks, almost no food, glue fumes, cigarette smoke, same winamp playlist that’s been playing for hours.. At a certain point everybody goes kind of crazy, but good crazy. From half hour long laughter attacks, to hallucinations, we’ve had it all. And although it was hard, we always spoke of how other people are actually missing on something really great, all in all. As far as the money part goes, you should probably dig deeper than Koolhaas. To such a bad argument, a response is redundant.


  23. Architects are not required in todays world of construction, we the civil and structural engineers/draughtsman can do the job with ease.


  24. 任何认为现代社会不需要建筑师的人,显然都不了解建筑师是做什么的。

    Some of these are valid points, but really people, educate yourselves about things before arguing for or against them – almost every post on this is a joke.

  25. My architect is a technical marvel but has NO Artistic talent or taste. This is the house from hell. He can’t or won’t draw a perspective. instead,He insists on providing a sample–of what–an entire library? I would like to just walk away from the project because he makes me hate the whole endeavor.

  26. A Humble GC.
    I am on the end of what the architect produces, an resonsible for legal liability of the finished outcome.


    Architects are designers and not builders. Big problem.

    I am a developer, design/builder and contractor. Architects are paid by the hour with limited funding. They are not invested in providing detailed plans that work. Therefore, the owner payes extra for their lack of detail to describe construction.

    Think of history. Leanardo Di Venchi was a design build contractor. It worked. When architects are not resonsible for contruction, you get a partitial design.

  27. Dear Annie,


  28. What architects do:

    Provide building designs based on life safety codes, accessibility codes, local design ordinances, ensure a water-tight design, include building developers site and spatial requirements, and site constraints, all within prescribed budget requirements, and allotted production/ construction time, for a building which is just an image in someone’s head, or has been a dream/ goal of an owner.

    We start from a blank piece of paper, create drawings for the owner to see the final product and possibly market (pretty renderings), provide drawing coordination for a minimum 4 consultants, include code information for permitting and the local planning department, research and specify every single architectural product to be included in the building (all the way down to door locks), and include information for a contractor to build, within the same set of drawings and specifications.

    During construction, providing answers to questions for contractors, because yes, it is a one-of-a-kind design which every owner wants, ensure products submitted are the correct quality, review pricing to ensure the owner is getting a fair price, and provide on-site observation.

    Architect’s are the discipline who are there for the owner from beginning to end. No consultant can say this, and neither can the contractor. Consultants, and contractors, have the luxury of not worrying about the big picture.



  29. 我是一个成年人,在我的建筑论文年,工作是一个完全不同的职业。一名纽约医生,8年前开始在社区大学的建筑工程协会,然后转到一个5年的Arch项目。我最后一个学期的平均成绩是3.7+实际上还有2个月就准备退学了。原因是?我花了5年时间什么都没学到,而我的平均成绩却这么高。我对建筑的了解并不比我开始的时候多,我进入这个项目的原因是我对建筑的热爱,以及在木工和家庭维修方面的知识和表现,用我的双手工作等,不用说,这是非常令人失望的,建筑师如何专注于建筑,只有理论和概念漂亮的图像。是的,我知道概念、空间定位和能够向客户展示想法是很重要的,但我的天,我们什么都没学到。你在一个项目里待了5年才得到实习机会却发现自己什么都没学过。什么是理论以及如何实现它与现实世界是完全脱节的。我完全理解为什么工程师和承包商嘲笑建筑师。 Yes contractors can be shady but damn architects. Maybe it’s just my school but the lack of education is insane and I’ve always been the NERD in school….the math/science geek. Architecture school is the equivalent of being given 1 thousand circles and squares and being told you have to color each one in with a red crayon in 5 minutes. Busy work and lacking efficiency or critical thinking. I don’t know a single architectural student that once graduates if told to build a deck, they’d know how to. Sure they will say they can “design” it but I’m a firm believer that you can’t be the best architect if you can’t pick up a hammer and do. Seriously, you get a BArch degree and “I have an Architecture degree, but I need a Home Depot 1-2-3 book to help me do a home repair”. I agree with the engineers on here. I wish I can get my money back. PS: I’ve gotten A’s in design. I’ve spewed off a bunch of BS and in the end I guess I got an A in the “art” of BS. I would love for a good engineer to take me under their wing.

    • You are very correct. right on spot. I think architecture curriculum should be over-hauled as most schools use curriculum that doesnt prepare their students for the real world. I finished architecture school some couple of years ago and a day doesnt pass by without me asking “exactly WTF was i taught in school”. (dont get me wrong, i was above average in school). I am sure a lot of graduate architects out there will relate with the feeling of inadequacy that most of us felt immediately we left school and was faced with a real life situation where some contractor or engineer was waiting on us for some answers on site. Like you, I wish I could get my money back. I wasnt taught sh-t despite sleepless nights in the studio for good five years of undergraduate studies. That’s one of the reasons why after Masters degree I refused to seek employment as an assistant/junior lecturer in the same school. I’d rather prefer to get some real world experience first before mentoring students.

  30. 我只想说,雷姆·库哈斯能完成他的工作他想睡多久就睡多久因为他有一群无薪实习生在帮他干活。扎哈·哈迪德等人也是如此。

    There are good architects and bad architects and, although some things are true (for example the “who-slept-less-tonight” part), most of it is just a dumb generalisation and proves that maybe, you should change your friends instead of publically insult them. Would be more mature.

  31. People like you is the reason architects and designers get married. Because this is world you will never understand and will never appreciate. We devote our lives to our jobs and constantly on the look out for inspiration for our next project. Just think about working on 1 project for 3 years day in and day out. You have no idea what you’re talking about so do some research before you make fun of a profession that the world can’t live without.

  32. There is a very easy solution. All architects should pull a “who is John Galt” let the engineers design coordinate and deal with the clients. After 10years we come back and see what incredibly beautiful works of art they have built. The fact is I can replace any engineer with a piece of software. Atlas Shrugged. Lol. I love engineering studied both, worked as a civil engineer for only 4 years went back to architecture, I guess I just loved that more.

  33. When I first started architecture, I actually wanted do product design. Or draw comics, or write stories, all those were my hobbies. I also wanted very much to be a scientist, I still think and believe I would have been a great scientist. I’m interested in physics and how the world works. I hated philosophy and literature and poetry and psychology, but over time have come to appreciate those things, I owe that to studying architecture. It just teaches so much, you really get an appreciation for lots of things, studying cities and people and environments, I find its all connected. What I do now as an architect is far different from what I studied, even though I still am not a big fan of philosophy and all that jargon, I can appreciate it to some extent and quite a bit of it is pretty relevant still. I don’t subscribe to the building design based on the meandering rivers and wotnot, but those things make for very interesting pieces of architecture, think about it, think of the great historical buildings so majestic that defines cities to this day, columns were based on human proportions. You don’t ask why did they do that the way they did, you just love it. Its just that its really hard to listen to some architects talk and ramble on about their style and this or that while the movement is in development. But what I’m sure of is, 50 years from now when we are looking buildings designed now, its will be like how we are currently appreciating architecture from the past, and those future architects will be under the gun and criticised as I’m sure the vitruviouses were in his time. Like me architects have a love for many things and we have to put them all together in our minds that makes sense, so how do I put together, product design, comic books scientist physics and lately cooking…what happens in the melting pot of my mind….I’ll tell you what happens…. Architecture happens…but for right now only I can understand it. You will get to see it with each building I publish.

  34. Architects are just a bunch of delusional ego maniacs who think they know everything about anything. They should just concentrate on designing good buildings and leave the city to urban designers, social studies to sociologists, furniture to designers, gardens to gardeners, structures to engineers, artistic drawing to artists, etc.

    Less ego and more collaboration with other professions! Abandon that ridicolous and unprofessional semi-god like attitude!

    PS: And it is worth remembering to our dear architects that architecture is actually a pseudo-science, since there is no kind of scientific proof between design choices and other environmental factors. Never. A design choice, even when influenced by external factors, is always a subjective decision. Trying to objectively prove design choices, like architects always do, is just PATHETIC.

    • 你为什么要做这么多概括?当然,也有妄想症患者。但他们不是无处不在,在每个行业吗?像你这样的人,不知道在哪儿见过,就凭这种刻板印象来发表自己的观点,真让我恶心。因为你设法侮辱了整个职业,并把它当作一文不值的东西抛弃。悲伤和可悲。但我原谅你。你要么有问题,要么根本不知道自己在说什么。因为如果你知道你在说什么,你就会知道城市规划者也是建筑师,建筑和城市规划在任何方面都是互补的,两者不能没有或不考虑其他的功能。真正的建筑是关于协作的。 And why do you think there is no relation between design decisions and environmental factors? Well what do you know, design decisions ARISE FROM ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS and more importantly, THE NEEDS OF PEOPLE architects design for. How is that not OBJECTIVE? Real architects design OBJECTIVELY and not because “They just like it for no reason” and if you had known anything better than degrading a beautiful profession, you would know how hard it is to design in a way that everything falls into place and the users are happy. Please educate.

      • 我有建筑学学士学位,所以我完全知道我在说什么;现在我正在攻读建筑工程硕士学位的最后一年。不要误会我,我喜欢优秀的建筑,真正欣赏建筑师的艺术技能,但我仍然坚信1)这是一个被高估的职业,尤其是建筑师自己;2)没有任何建筑选择可以被定义为“客观的”——最终,项目中的一切都是那些被美化的设计师(通常被称为建筑师)的主观决定。

  35. All the things you said about architects, are not exclusive traits to architects alone. Being one sided in your opinion about one single profession is clearly biased. But you clearly know what you’re doing, since you’re a writer.


    If you try and research on the history of architecture you’ll know (if you have half a brain) that architecture is an essential part of where we are right now. The structures that facilitates the growth of nations, the shelters that keeps people safe, the roof over your head. the factories that makes paper (you know, that thing used for writing letters), etc.

    You said you don’t care about architecture, well lucky for you architecture is aimed to care for you.



    It’s not just about giant bongs or glass dildos, exercise your neck and look around you. And the bit about that sleeping part, its absolutely true.

  36. 地球也需要建筑师。它们不仅适用于大型建筑。每个人都可以建造大房子。但是建筑师解释了如何使用给定的空间。普通人认为建筑师什么都不是。但只有建筑师知道什么是世界。我们建筑师觉得这个世界是如此的有意义。别人不喜欢。我们可以处理一切,包括人性。如果你是建筑师,那你是幸运的。 Others don’t know this. Architects don’t talk architectureal things to others.

  37. Well done!!!! Great article! Even myself as an architect can relate to that and I feel (mild) hate while looking at all that wannabe lifestyle and those people that are trying to be unique but are all the sameat the end… Gross. I can be an architect without being a shithole,just watch me.

  38. Contemporary Architecture is just a consumer product like a plastic cup …
    Unpopular, no ‘finesse’ and sitting there in total disconnection with the people and the place …


  39. While it is amusing to a degree, this letter, is a self-indulgent example of how words written in ignorance can ultimately damage and in particular with reference to the ensuing the rabble roused response illicited from some who perhaps do not fully appreciate Ms. Choi’s facetiousness (that’s ‘shit-talk’ to those of you who might not appreciate the double entendre).


    我猜,安妮·崔(Anne Choi)的这封信故意显得幼稚和飘忽不定。但是,对于那些公开同意这封信的人,我想说的是,想念它的内涵的人,建筑师在一定程度上是崔顺实能够在穿过马路安全到达公园时喝咖啡的原因;带着她的狗(或刺猬)(如果她有的话)沿着人行道散步(如果她家附近有的话),而不必与汽车共用;部分原因是有足够的光线进入她的公寓或房子,有足够的空气流通在她的家里,部分原因是她不是住在棚户区,为什么她在一个现代化的机场有更好的终端用户体验,并且可以看到整个足球场,没有柱子或头挡她的方式。


    “设计”就像人们通常想象的那样(用彩色笔在描图纸上恣意地涂鸦),大约占建筑师职业生涯的0.01%。虽然设计作为一种哲学或理念是职业存在的理由,但建筑师的工作生活是专业顾问的99%。基于战略决策(又称“设计”)的建议,建筑师是专业人士,他们有义务为他们的设计承担法律风险,并代表雇佣他们开发基础设施的客户承担整个施工过程中的责任。这些风险不仅仅取决于成功的颜色选择或饰面质量,作为客户的代理人或代表,为客户工作的建筑师要承担管理客户从开始到完成的所有项目风险的责任。这些是严重和复杂的风险,如财务和投资风险、健康和安全风险、项目规划风险、质量预期风险——如果建筑师未能履行其与客户的承诺和协议,所有这些都具有严重的法律约束力和合同后果。Construction Industry project managers for example assume no such legal responsibility or liability, and bear no such exposure to litigation through design risk, because they do not originate design, and as such originate no risk.

    此外,建筑师对公众和环境负有责任,确保在立法和法律框架内,没有第三方因建筑师的设计而面临损失或损害的风险。The architect is a professional possessing of a vast knowledge of law – Company, Contract, Civil, and Legislative Law, and is expected to know the realm of law within which he or she works as well, if not better than any solicitor – this is fundamental to the practice of architecture today.

    The architect is at the head of the design and construction procurement process, assuming a very great deal of liability, that most people simply do not appreciate, and would not without the requisite academic and professional training be able to manage that liability adequately on behalf of their clients. This is the liability that architects carry, and the reason for their service. Architects will put their heads on the block by standing over their designs and decisions and say, “Yes, It will work – this proposal will serve your needs Mr. / Mrs. Client” despite every person from the manufacturer of a screw, all the way up to and including the Main Contractor or indeed Client themselves, waiting in line waiting to sue the architect’s ass off if anything goes wrong. People in general are not expected to know any of this. That is why there is a niche in the market cornered by Architects, to be again facetious about it.

    I wouldn’t expect anyone who hasn’t studied Architecture to understand Architecture. Would Ms. Choi similarly express frustration at her complete ignorance of what her aforementioned Solicitors or Lawyers might do in their practice; ask of a doctor that he justify himself and his involved, convoluted or opaque procedures to her, because she can’t make head or tail of a diagnosis, or a prescription? Would she blindly trust him/her?

    If it was as easy as all that, wouldn’t everyone be an architect? And the fact is, that you can’t just ‘be’ an architect as easy as all that. There are minimum standards to entry to the profession, and with good reason. A minimum or reasonable standard of skill care and expertise are required of an average architect in practice; a standard below which if crossed there are further legal implications for an incompetent practitioner. I for one know, that with the level of personal effort that I am currently dedicating to my professional studies every day, as well as my 60 hours a week job (minimum) as a professional architect, I will be due every shred of credit that comes my way for making that minimum entry requirement.

    The invitation is there for anyone who feels that they could do as good a job if not better than a professionally qualified architect at navigating the minefield of legal pitfalls and professional challenges that come with each and every new project, to endure the pain that architects do in their professional formation. Choose your poison. And an architect’s poison is their profession – their job. At it’s basic level, architecture is a commission, a service, at it’s most noble; a vocation, a selfless act, a choice to try to do good in the world. Architects know how important it is not only to themselves, but sometimes to society, and how much they enjoy the challenge of their work. You’ll forgive us a moan or two about the never-ending queries from building sites, or the clients who want everything done yesterday, and the sleepless nights wondering whether the decisions you have made are good or bad, on many levels.

    Luckily for me, and like many other architects, I don’t do it for the money. I have a deep calling in the face of all reason and ‘sense’ to the contrary, to continue dedicating my time, and my life to the practice of a noble profession that has influenced and been influenced by history and demographics, inspired great artists and writers, empowered societies and been their means of social expression, set the scene for great significant political events, and countless ‘insignificant’ events, and more and more is becoming a tool for the development and successful integration of communities; indispensible in the provision of proper education, healthcare, and transport facilities.

    Architects like any profession, deserve respect for ensuring and maintaining ethical standards in their practice as professionals who according to the six canons of obligation within the AIA code of Conduct, are to observe their duties towards:

    1. The Profession
    2. Their Colleagues
    3. Their Clients
    4. The Public
    5. The Environment, and
    6. General Obligations.

    Forgive me if I’m missing the point of the article, or if Ms. Choi’s tongue was in her cheek when she wrote it, but opening a debate by putting forward a statement, that she is sick of the detritus of Architects, is to lower the bar, and to invite agreement from low quarters. But this is the Zeitgeist – the modern age when everyone has their say, in whatever fashion they wish – like me.

    Suggested reading: “Ethics for Architects” by Thomas Fisher. Give it a good read.

    建筑师:他们为你带来了西方文明的物质形态和城市表现。Without Architects: No Venice, No Rome, No New York, No Chicago, No London, No Paris, No Modernism, No Art Deco, No Art Nouveau, No Bauhaus etc. etc. etc.

    Yours etc.
    Cathal O’Donovan B Arch Sc Dip Arch.

  40. To say that you “know more than architects” is like saying “my favorite music is nice sounding music not the music that sounds bad”

  41. 她是对的。只有建筑师喜欢他们最近的作品。不要依附于那些喝啤酒的人。Those architects would never associate with the likes of you

  42. Dear Annie Choi,

    为什么会有这么多仇恨?If you dont like to hear about architecture, then find another friends :)
    You depend on your architect friends to ask you out, but you hate them, yet you have no other friends to hang out with. No one force you to go out.
    Get a life.

    • Fuzzy,

      As a former Architectural Instructor, I would ask you, “”Why are you here?”. I’m not an architect. But I do architectural design and drafting on a daily basis. I started in 1977. I now produce new homes, home additions, interior design, kitchens, baths and accessory buildings. Close to all of the projects I do are built. I do roughly 30 projects yearly. I tend to start at 10 AM and leave the “office” at 4 PM. I eat dinner around 6 and then go back into the “office” for an hour or 2 after dinner. I can produce most projects in 50 hours – Plans, Elevations, and Sections. In the last 20 years I have “collaborated” with a number of architects. I stopped doing that. They don’t like to pay a reasonable hourly rate and your work is never good enough.

      I’ll teach you how to do drafting, on the board. I’ll teach you how to measure a building and document it so that you can create Existing Condition Surveys that include floor plans, elevations and wall sections. I’ll teach you how to draw electrical plans, plumbing plans and hvac plans. I’ll teach you how to research building codes. I’ll teach you how to use cad and produce a project.

      写我。We can meet via a web conference someoneinpgh at comcast dot net

  43. You are hilarious Annie, thank you…still laughing …I’m an architect and nobody ever explained the architects so well before…hahaha

  44. 这是我多年来读过的最好的东西!我为你鼓掌,如此真实,如此有趣。谢谢你让我大笑。所有有效的点和点…很好!我在建筑和设计领域工作了25年,这是事实!

  45. Dear Architects,

    Your egos manifest block out the sunlight. Your profession is not to be celebrated, but despised.

    Yours sincerely,

    Depressed citizens who live under your buildings’ shadows.

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