13 Famous Building Under Construction

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New York Times building under construction
1903, New York Times building, United States. Image Source –Shorpy

1932, Rockefeller Center, United States. “Lunch atop a Skyscraper”. Image Source –Wikipedia

golden gate bridge under construction
1936, Golden Gate Bridge, United States. Image Source –History Photos

eiffel tower under construction photos
1887, Eiffel Tower, France. Image Source – Wikipedia

falling water under construction
1938, Fallingwater, United States. Image Source –Where’s Liz

sdyney opera house construction australia
1970, Sydney Opera House, Australia. Image Source –National Library of Australia

villa savoye france under construction
1930, Villa Savoye, France. Image Source –Archive of Affinities

london tower bridge
1894, Tower Bridge, London. Photo: GETTY/HULTON

church under construction
1914, St.Ignatius Church, San Francisco. Image Source –UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

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disneyland under construction
1955, Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland, United States. Image Source –Wikipedia

empire state building new york construction
Empire State Building, New York, United States. Source –Flavor Wire

hong kong tower landscape skycrapper
Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong, China. Source – Unknown

world trade center construction 911 before
World Trade Center, New York, United States. Source – Unknown

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