25 Fictional Architects In Movies

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Image and source via DanStewart, Ajolote Boletin, Archinect,ArchiExplotion, and more. I’ve managed to add a few more based on original list, anymore? Barack Obama wanted to be an architect, so did Brat Pitt. You got to read this article –And now let us praise hot architects. Hollywood can’t get enough of them.


“Architects once were portrayed as sophisticates and what has happened to them both in reality and on film is that they are now seen as just ordinary folk, kind of a hack or bumbler,” says one longtime San Francisco architect, who has observed that the field no longer attracts the best and the brightest because there are so many other avenues to be creative that are far more lucrative. Why is there always a drafting table and a t-square in most of these movies?

Fictional Architects In Movies
Paul Neuman in “The Towering Inferno”

Fictional Architects Master builders on the big screen
Keanu Reeves in “The Lake”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Steve Martin in “HouseSitter”

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Fictional Architects In Movies
Woody Harrelson in “Indecent Proposal”

Michael Keaton in “White Noise”

Fictional Architects In Movies

Fictional Architects In Movies
Gary Cooper in “Fountainhead”

Jude Law (Landscape Architect) in “Breaking and Entering”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Adam Sandler in “Click”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Liam Neeson in “Love Actually”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Wesley Sinipes in “Jungle Fever”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Luke Wilson in “My super Ex-Girlfriend”

Ashton Kutcher Butterfly Effect
Ashton Kutcher (Archi Student) in the “Butterfly Effect”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Matt Dillon in “You, Me and Drupree”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Tom Hanks in “Sleepless in Seattle”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Charles Bronson in “Death Wish”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Michelle Pfeiffer in “One fine Day”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Matt Dillon in “Something about Mary”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Tom Selleck in “Three man and a Baby”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Henry Fonda in “12 Angry Men”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Zach Braff in “The Last Kiss”

Virginia Madsen in “Firewall”

Fictional Architects In Movies
Matthew Broderick in “The Cable Guy”

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  1. Hi,

    two more: Kevin Kline in “House As A Life” and Ewan McGregor in “The Serpent’s Kiss”.


    • “Life As A House” :-)

      I love this movie. I’ll admit mostly because Hayden Christensen as a “neo”-goth is super hot but the story is great. Also the Architecture + Site = Amazing!

  2. Also –

    Jeff Bridges as Max Klein – “Fearless” (1993)
    Albert Finney as Mark Wallace – “Two For The Road” (1967)
    Kirk Douglas as Larry Coe – “Strangers When We Meet” (1960)
    Richard Gere as Vincent Eastman – “Intersection” (1994)

    Helmut Bakaitis as The Architect – “The Matrix Reloaded” (2003) – I know it doesn’t fit the ‘celluloid architect’ type since he isn’t really an architect but still worth a mention.

    • A smile like yours….1997—With Greg Kinnear, Lauren Holly, Joan Cusack, Jay Thomas. Greg Kinnear
      Return to Me…..2000——David Duchovny and Minnie Driver

  3. …. and most recently Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom in (500) Days of Summer. Tom studied architecture but didn’t realize his dream of practicing til Summer (or Autumn.)

  4. 让我们不要忘记最新加入的艾伦·佩奇和卢卡斯·哈斯分别饰演《盗梦空间》中的“建筑师”阿里阿德涅和纳什。

  5. 1982年的电影《暴风雨》(Tempest)中的约翰·卡萨维茨(John Cassavetes)是经历中年危机的纽约建筑师。他辍学,搬到一个希腊小岛上,在他十几岁的女儿(莫莉·林沃德(Molly Ringwald)的帮助下,开始建造一座希腊剧院。虽然这部电影是根据莎士比亚戏剧改编的,所以有很多次要情节,但电影中建筑师的肖像和美丽的希腊风景是我成为建筑师的原因之一。

  6. How about that – Steve Martin has played an architect twice, more recently in “It’s Complicated” with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. I think Steve Martin played an architect very well in this movie.

  7. 作为一名建筑学院的毕业生,我不认为其他创造性的出口更“有利可图”。我成为一名平面设计师是因为它更有创造性。关于建筑,学校直到第四年才会教你的事实是,这个职业5%是设计,95%是建筑文件和文书工作。还有很多其他的职业不仅更赚钱,而且更有创造性。不仅如此,我还将我在建筑设计中学到的设计策略应用到平面设计中,让我告诉你,没有了建筑职位的压力,我开始获得一些真正的乐趣。

    • Jake -是的,我认为建筑有太多的规则,规定,限制,而其他创意产业没有。Maybe it is because architecture involves lives, comfort and the occupants are stuck with it for many many many years.

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