Globalhaus’s Stick Screen Space Divider

Updated onAugust 8, 2019inContemporary Furniture

Globalhaus’s Stick Screen Space Divider

This is a very cool and creative idea, I find that the typical partition found in every office create a jail like feeling. Its hard and flat, with the stick screen space divider it breaks the monotone feeling.

If this isn’t the cleverest idea for a room divider, I don’t know what is. Instead of a boring old shoji screen in your house, you can have Globalhaus’s Stick Screen and be instantly transported to a distant savannah every time you pass through the dry “grass” of this wild room divider. The sculptural Stick Screen is mobile and modular, and comes in either wood or acrylic sticks. Of course, we much prefer the wooden sticks for their organic texture and ability to evoke the outback. Otherwise, what’s the point? You might find this article to your liking –8 Creative Room Divider and Partition Ideas

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  1. 您好,这种房间分隔器卖吗?我想要个小点的来盖住我们的猫砂盆。这是非常好的!我们住在南加州。谢谢。对你的帮助。

    Vicki Zimmerman

    I saw the stick screen room divider here.

  2. hi – where can i buy the globalhouse stick screen? how much does it cost? Pl repond ASAP. Do u have other partition designs? Thanks

  3. 雕塑般的棍棒屏风是可移动和模块化的,有木质或丙烯酸木棒两种材质。当然,我们更喜欢木棒的有机纹理和能力唤起内地。否则,还有什么意义?
    From the description above, it seems it is more than an concept.

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